Thursday, May 21, 2009

{Mini Golf} - Beth Armsheimer | My Family | central coast | photographer

We had a uber fun family time at this miniature golf park yesterday. The kids had SUCH a blast!
So funny, Wes covered his ears on the race cars and Chloe was with me yelling "mommy go faster, crash into daddy!" lol.
Both loved watching their golf balls race out of the holes after knocking them through the windmill, that never got old..
The bumper boats were their favorite tho, and i'm bummed i didn't get shots of that one, but my camera would have gotten soaked!
oh then of course that last one is meself.. yeah im gonna have a climbing wall one day!

..enjoy :)


thousand words photography said...

so super fun!!!

Tonya said...

is that in santa maria? I grew up in lompoc and that looks like Camelot??

looks like fun!

englexas photography said...

I love how you captured all the colors and Chloe's outfit is adorable!

Beth Armsheimer said...

yes Tonya Santa Maria! :) Born and raised in Santa Maria :P
thank you all!