Friday, May 22, 2009

{New Apron} Beth Armsheimer | My Kids | Central Coast | child photography

A friend of mine made this sweet apron. She is going to have an etsy just as soon as she can make enough for a bit of an invetory.
Chloe loves it! She said "im like you mom!!"
my lil mama. love her :)

edited with My Fine Art textures

..for those of you waiting on pins and needles.. i am going to be working on my texture pack two all weekend.
They should be released June 1st. They are going to be so gnarly!! so cool!! tell your friends.. keep checking back!


Faith said...

Oh! How Cute!! Lpve the colors in this and LOVE your textures!!

Erika Jones said...

I love her new apron and of course, you captured her quite beautifully, Beth!


Tamara said...

Love these. Darling apron and your textures are wonderful.