Wednesday, May 27, 2009

{Me} Beth Armsheimer | Central Coast | photographer

oh some recent pictures of meself..

Nick took this one when we were fartin around in SLO last weekend..
053 cmej

This one is from Sunday.. just woke up (hence the bedhead) saw my camera on my dresser,
so took a sp in the mirror. processed with my new texture pack :)

..And this, is my new super rad Tshirt.
new T :)


Erika Jones said...

You're just too cute. Nice shot of you!

Kelly Wills said...

LUV the new shirt! I laughed out loud! Where, oh where did you get it? I am also in love with your rock!

Beth Armsheimer said...

thanks girls.
Kelly i found it when i was in TJ Max the other day, it was hanging on the end of a row of kid size shirts!.. as i was making my way to the back to scout out some potential props, it called my name.. one shirt, not where it should be, and in my size. ooooh ;) yeah..

Alisia said...

you are so beautiful. :)
cute t-shirt.

Mark Elkins said...

That shirt is flat out AWESOME :)

.E. said...

my goodness girl could you be any more beautiful or adorable? well I think not.. Love the shirt too haha

chelsey said...

hey beth, i've had you as a contact on flickr for quite a while but this is actually my first visit to the blog!

your photos are beautiful!

this shirt made me laugh, and i had to leave a comment!